Heroes & Generals Spaatz Update


A new content update has been released for Heroes & Generals today. Titled 'Spaatz', it brings a new skirmish map, new weapons, a new battle briefing screen, improved battle reports andlimited army resources. Also all players can now communicate with each other, even when not online, through the new in-game messaging system.

Watch it in the next video:

The new Village Skirmish map is set in the fields of rural France with a sunken ruin, a chateau and a small farm as key objectives. This map is designed with less distance between the objectives, making it more tight and more action packed than the other Skirmish maps as all objectives are in danger at all times.

The new weapons are of almost iconic nature: German soldiers can now get the classic high-precision P08 Pistol, and the US soldiers will be able to live out their inner cowboy with the hard hitting M1917 Revolver.

The 'Generals', who devise the grand strategy of the massive campaign, now have to play smarter, as the 'Spaatz' update introduces limited army resources for the two factions. The resources for their Assault Teams are drawn from a shared 'stockpile' with only so and so many new resources being produced within a certain time-interval for each faction. This gives a better balance between the two factions, as the winning strategy is no longer merely to send a massive amount of Assault Teams to the frontline, but now the Generals have to carefully consider where they deploy and direct their troops, as well as to coordinate their joined efforts better.

The campaign, where the 'Generals' strategize, and the core action game missions, where the 'Heroes' fight, are also brought closer together by the new mission briefing, showing what you fight for in each mission and what the objectives are when the mission is loading. On top of that, the enhanced battle report shows details about the results of a battle, as well as give you an overview of your performance after a mission has ended.

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