Heroes Arise 2on Beta Test

Heroes Arise 2on Beta Test
Heroes Arise 2on Beta Test

Unleash Your Power in Heroes Arise - Experience the Ultimate Fusion of MOBA and Action in the 2nd Beta Test

Heroes Arise, the highly anticipated mobile game that combines the thrill of 5v5 MOBA gameplay with stunning graphics, is expected to kick off its second beta test on June 1st! This beta test is primarily targeted towards players in Indonesia.

Building upon the success of its first beta, which attracted over 200,000 players, Heroes Arise is ready to take the gaming world by storm once again. With its compact file size, players can engage in epic battles filled with intense striking sensations anytime and anywhere.

In the second beta, the brand new hero Tenmoku Ryoichi brings a unique vibrant combat style, allowing players to feel the impact of every slash and the power in each sweep. Prepare for an unprecedented level of excitement as you dive into the world of Heroes Arise!

In addition to the new hero, the developers have invested significant effort in enhancing the performance of all heroes through modeling and mechanism improvements. With a roster of 34 heroes and a selection of 12 summoner spells to choose from, players can find the perfect combination to match their playstyle.

Heroes Arise offers a completely free-to-play experience, and players can look forward to earning tons of Tokens through check-ins, ranking competitions, and social media events. Additionally, exclusive events such as logins, Lexicon, and Cherry Blossom Tree events will provide heroes, skins, and exquisite decorations free of charge.

The game's compact file size ensures fast download speeds, making it accessible to a wide range of players. With mobile-adaptive features and high-quality graphics, Heroes Arise delivers a visually stunning experience without compromising on performance. Its matchmaking is swift, taking only 15 seconds, and each PvP match lasts for 10 minutes in average, ensuring convenient gameplay whenever you desire.

To foster teamwork and collaboration, Heroes Arise includes social features such as voice chat and squad systems. Players can connect with friends, communicate strategies, and coordinate their efforts for victory.

Developed by NetDragon Websoft Holdings Limited, the renowned online game producer behind Heroes Evolved, Heroes Arise guarantees the latest content and futuristic experiences. Despite its advanced features, the game's installation package remains small, and it boasts simple device requirements, making it accessible to all players.

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