Heroes & Generals Releases Care Package Update

First Look at Heroes & Generals
Heroes & Generals Releases Care Package Update


Heroes & Generals receives today a new content update, "Care Package", introducing three new pistols for all soldiers, a new sound occlusion system and new running animations. Additionally, players can now see when a teammate is using a first aid kit and casings ejects from all weapons have been reworked.

With this update the game looks more realistic. Sounds from not visible sources gets muffled, and sprint and running animations are more distinct.

“We get a lot of valuable feedback from our very dedicated community that helps us prioritize which features should have a little extra care,” says Jesper “Reto.Robotron3000” Donnis, Community Manager at Reto-Moto: “Thanks to the players, the ‘Care Package’-update improves the core game experience for all and paves the way for future updates.”

The new pistols are unlocked early in the game, beneftting newbie players.

Check out the highlight video for this update:

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