Heroes & Generals Is Now a Fully Client-Based Game

First Look at Heroes & Generals
Heroes & Generals Is Now a Fully Client-Based Game


With its latest content update, 'Hallowes', Heroes & Generals leaves browser behind. This is the first update after launch and it focuses on on rewarding teamplay. Players will get now different rewards with helping teammates.

Watch the overview video below. The update is named after Odette Hallowes, an allied spy who worked undercover in France. She was caught, interrogated and tortured by the Germans, but the survived.

“We are aiming to make it both more fun and rewarding for soldiers to fight with their friends on the frontline,” says Jacob Andersen, Game Director at Reto-Moto. “As part of the update all maps have been improved to ensure a better gameflow and allow for more intense battles. Tweaks have been made to the animation system resulting in a smoother visual experience. And we have added more bicycles to the game.”

Until now, the game was available through Steam and any browser, but with this update the browser version has been replaced by a fully client-based game. This new model simplifies the development, since the developers won't need to test everything in three different browsers. Also, a fully client-based game is better suited for development.

Here is the video:

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