Hedone enters the second phase of its closed beta (and we still have some keys)!

German development studio ACONY will be entering the next phase in the closed beta test of its forthcoming online free-to-play First Person Shooter (FPS) Hedone.

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The previous phase of the beta has been very successful with thousands of players registered for testing on the European servers. The next phase will introduce a new tactical game mode where teams must battle to control objectives in a race against the clock. The game has also benefitted from a completely revamped item shop interface along with numerous other updates and improvements based on feedback from the first part of the beta test.

The second closed beta phase is scheduled to begin later this week and, if you want to be a part of it, we still have some beta keys left, that you can grab visiting this page.

"We have been extremely pleased with the results of the first phase of closed beta," says ACONY Founding Partner and Marketing Director André Herbst. "Now that we are starting the next phase, we are very excited to show our loyal fans what we have been working on and to hear their opinions as we polish the game for release. The beta testers have provided a huge amount of valuable feedback to our teams already and we are very excited to present the results of that to the community"

In addition to the game updates of Hedone, new servers will be opened in the US to better serve North American beta testers. For the first time, fans outside of Europe will have local servers and more testers will be recruited to help fill them. This second phase is expected to more than double the number of beta testers.

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