Hearthstone Takes us to Karazhan


Hearthstone will launch a new adventure on August 12, taking players to Medivh's tower: Karazhan, where we all will be able to enjoy the magic and the extravagant artifacts of the famous mage. This update will introduce 45 new cards and will be released on Widows, Mac, iOS and Android.

“One Night in Karazhan will give players the chance to party with Medivh while earning some great new cards for their collections,” said Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment “We’re excited to reimagine one of Azeroth’s most beloved locations in Hearthstone, and we can’t wait to see players put their new decks to the test.”

The four wings of this adventure will open on a weekly basis (one per week), and it will be available one wing at a time for 700 in-game gold or £4.99 each, or in full for £13.99 (PC/Mac/Android) / £14,99 (iOS).

All players will be able to play a prologue mission for free and earn two new cards. And those who purchase the full adventure during the first week will receive an exclusive Karazhan-themed card back.


Hearthstone karazhan shots 2 DRUID_KAR_300_EnchantedRavenHUNTER_KAR_005_KindlyGrandmotherMAGE_KAR_076_FirelandsPortalPALADIN_KAR_057_IvoryKnightROGUE_KAR_070_EtherealPeddlerzzNEUTRAL_KAR_061_TheCuratorzzNEUTRAL_KAR_114_Barnes

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