Hallowen themed events in f2p MMOs

Hallowen themed events in f2p MMOs

Here’s a little treat for you as we take a look at ten of our favourite Halloween themed events happening over various F2P MMOs this year. Most of these events have already begun and will be continuing into November, sign up and get involved if you like what you see!


The Settlers Online

Golem-zilla! From Oct 14th a giant golem has been popping up around players’ islands on Settlers and causing trouble, you can throw your armies at it all you like but it’s going to take some unique buffs to drop this stone cold killer. Drop the golem and get some rewards, then he’ll pop up on someone elses island even tougher than before. If enough players on the server kill him then everyone gets some extra goodies!

The Settlers online (2)The Settlers online (1)




DC Universe

Masked ghouls are causing mischief to Gotham City in the return of “The Witching Hour”, orchestrated by Klarion the Witch Boy who hides out in the Goth club “The Midnight Masquerade”. Heroes will fight against these ghostly apparitions and Villains will try to bring more terror to an already scared Gotham. Take down Klarion, engage in new feats and be rewarded with new style items like a Skeleton Outfit and Witch Hat and even get a new pet – Boo Junior. Holy scarefest, Batman!






New portals to seek out the Fae will become available, the ultimate trickers whose treats await to be looted, return to the enchanted hideaway and take your adventures through the Realm. As well as all that, Halloween themed rift will be brought on by the Autumn Harvest, complete with pumpkins of both safe and dangerous varieties! Top it off with all manner of rare items and new loot and finish it off with The Monster Mash Black Garden Warfront where players morph into Halloween themed creatures and scrap it out with each other!

Rift 2Rift 1




The Secret World

A big day for the monster themed MMO, as well as new costumes, ghostly pets and the other stuff we see in MMOs around this time, here you can follow a storyline to go up against a smiling Cheshire cat style Cat God … seriously, it’s creeeepy. Kicked off with a unique quest you are plunged into a new adventure, freshly made exclusively for the holiday, taking you to both well-known and brand new locations. Solve puzzles and test your battle skills as you slowly make your way to the ultimate showdown locations… Stonehenge.

The Secret world 1 copy





The “Banquet of Blood” awaits players in TERA, either take part in The Games at Eldritch Academy where candy stealing monsters try to steal your treats, using canons to fend them off, or learn new vampire slaying abilities and enter into a new dungeon, crashing the blood suckers feast where they dine on kidnapped villagers. Unfortunately RPattz is nowhere to be seen…





Maple Story

As ever Maple Story has so much stuff you can do it’s about as festive as it gets. Help out Olivia in her haunted house, or gather potion ingredients for Malady the Witch. Items, costumes and monsters that drop candy can be found everywhere, hand out candy to other people and you’ll be rewarded for it. There’s so much sweet stuff in Maple Story we’re sure you’re going to have a tummy-ache the morning after.

MapleStory 1 copy




Guild Wars 2

Never one to miss a chance to throw out some new content, Halloween brings a triumph of quests revolving around the Mad King with new instances, story lines and holiday themed rewards. Test your abilities with the Mad Kind’s Clock Tower jumping puzzle, or test your wit and cunning against his Mad King Says riddles as the man himself pays a visit to Lion’s Arch.

Guild Wars 2 copyGuild Wars 1 copy





Yume the Queen of Dreams has been kidnapped by Nightmare Lord Heiramune and is being held in the realm of dreams, what this leads to is a creepy Nightmare Circus manifesting in Atreia creating a level 30+ dungeon to tackle to earn nightmare crates giving some pretty epic loot. As if Halloween isn’t scary enough NC Soft decided to throw clowns in the mix…. *shudder*

aion 1 copy





The Masquerade of Liars Festival has brought all manner of costumes, decorations, treats and mischief to Neverwinter, a season embraced by the people and Lord Neverember himself, but beneath the frivolity something else looms. Details are hush hush but there’s a giant Beholder on the preview images so that is an entire Bag of Holding full of “nope” as far as we’re concerned. Sppoky!

Neverwinter 1




Allods Online

A little different from the other Halloween themed events, Allods are challenging their players to a Film Fright Fest, a competition where players create an Allod’s themed scary movie either filmed with real world footage (as long as it is still Allod’s themed) or from in game video. Everyone gets something, but there are extra special rewards for the ten best videos as placed by the judges!

Allods 2 copyAllods 1 copy




Fiesta Online

Taking a look at Fiesta from Gamigo they’ve gone festive crazy with the number of Halloween events they’re running; collect candies that turn you into monsters, solve the riddles of the Headless and hunt him down to his hideout, a specially created Hallowwen Challenge Dungeon and players are encouraged to submit their own spooky stories with the chance to win a unique Halloween themed item!

Fiesta 2Fiesta 1


Happy Halloween!



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