Halloween party in GodsWar Online

GodsWar Online releases a new patch today including a Halloween event and a new pet known as the Wandering Spirit. The party starts on October 27th and lasts til November 3rd, so get on over to Athens or Sparta now to get your groove on.

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For those planning to attend this epic bacchanalia, they will need to first go find the young female NPC Halloween Envoy in the central area of each of the main cities. Before the party starts, the NPC Halloween Envoy will verify that every party person is Level 20+, then hand over a special time restricted item to equip for use during the event. Once this item has been equipped, party goers must search for a second NPC, who will be announced daily, to receive their allotment of 99 Halloween Wands. Now comes the fun part! These wands should then be used to tame “ghost” creatures that can be found wandering around each of the main cities. Once tamed, these spooky party poopers will give up Pumpkin Candy; good for half an hour of +10% EXP by themselves or they can be gathered and exchanged with the cute NPC Halloween Envoy for a whole range of cool rewards.

New pet
Though the Halloween event will be around for only a short time, the new Wandering Spirit pet has drifted into Greece and looks like it’ll be staying for awhile. Wraith-like in appearance, and sporting a hefty Dodge rate bonus for whomever ends up holding its leash, it’s sure to be a hit as Halloween creeps closer.

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