Guardians of Divinity Closed Beta Begins Today

Guardians of Divinity, 37Games' newest browser-based free to play MMO action RPG, kicks off its Closed Beta today. Starting at 8:00 AM EST players will be able to test this cross-myth game in which players will get to meet and fight a vast array of deities from the Eastern, Greek and Egyptian cultures.

The game takes players to a world where they can transform into diffent gods as they fight the Evil to restore peace among the universe. It features custom spaceships and classic MMORPG elements, such as quest-based leveling, dungeons and PvP battles. Guilds will be able to fight against other guilds from different servers during the Cross-server battle event.

Stay tuned if you want to know more, because very soon we'll publish our first impressions and a profile. Meanwhile, watch the cinematic trailer:

Source: 37Games Press Release

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