Grimlands has released a new expansion for its Closed Beta


The post-apocalyptic MMOFPS Grimlands, has released a new expansion for its Closed Beta, that comes with eight new dungeons that includes over 70 new quests, and four completely new regions (Reville, Greenville, Hartfield, and Mutant Valley).

The expansion also brings some updates to the game environment. Jagged ravines, massive shifts of earth, and diverse detail improvements make the landscape even more threatening. Changes in weather with particular phenomena like sandstorms make for a gloomier atmosphere. Also two new models of vehicle have been integrated into the game which can be modified in every aspect- among others with armor, stronger engines, better chassis, and, of course, weaponry in the form of a heavy-caliber machine gun on the roof.


An intensive optimization of textures not only means that they are sharper than before, but they also use fewer resources at the same time. This means that Grimlands can also run smoothly on older systems. The character editor has loads of new options like gender, age, corpulence, and athleticism. Community functions like the clan system were developed further so that clans can now find a bank vault, to store their possessions, in at every banker.


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