Grand Chase: Heroes has presented its new act: Finding Refuge

SG Interactive has released a new act for, Grand Chase: Heroes titled Finding Refuge.

In this act the players can seek refuge while fortifying or socializing with the new Playhouse system. All players will be given a unique and fully customizable space while providing a hang out for their friends to visit and a garden area where players can grow their own buffs.

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The latest updates to Grand Chase: Heroes include:

- Playhouse System – The customizable social hang outs allow gamers to lounge around and relax before heading into brutal dungeons or bloody player versus player combat.

- Enchanted tree sapling – In front of each Playhouse is an enchanted tree sapling, capable of great power. Players who care for the tree by watering it regularly will see it grow and bear fruit endowed with special player buffs. As the tree grows, its fruit gets more powerful, providing vital boosts that can be used in battle.

- Flora, the new gardening NPC and Star Candy – Flora will give everyone 25 seeds each day. Once planted, the seeds grow into Star Candy, which can be used to buy new furniture. Green-thumbed adventurers can earn additional seeds each day by visiting their friends’ Playhouses. Until April 3, at 10 p.m. PDT, players can reap twice as much Star Candy by logging into the game and registering for the “Star Candy for Me” mission.

- Easter Egg-cellent Hunt – From now until April 10, 10 p.m. PDT, players can check their mailboxes every day for an Egg Suit Fusion Box and select a special Fusion Egg Suit for their favorite characters.

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