Granado Espada launches its new Bristia Update


Redbana has finally launched the so-awaited Bristia, the largest content update for its free-to-play MMORPG Granado Espada.

This new huge expansion adds to the game new characters, new zones, new missions and new quest. Let's give a closer look to this new content:

- New Characters: Introducing eight new characters including Barrel the drunken veteran of Kielce and Heyran, leader of the underground Bristian Liberation Army.
- New Zones: The gates are open to the Town of Kielce, the epicenter of trade, commerce and government.
- New Missions: It's survival of the fittest with The Kielce Back Alley and Night Battle Missions.
- New Quests: The "Return of the Heroes" quest brings back exiled Bristian freedom fighters to the world. The catalysts to the Bristian uprising starts with this quest.

"The magic of Granado Espada lies within each of its characters," said Jun Kim, CEO of Redbana. "A lot of thought goes into the background of every character we introduce. Their past gives deeper meaning to their combat styles and their contribution of being a vital part of the overall story arc. We have more than 100 of these playable characters that can be mixed and matched in your party of three as you explore the New World."

Source of informations: Redbana press release.


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