GoodGame Empire 20 Starting Packs Raffle

GoodGame Empire Starting Pack raffle

Today we are partnering with Goodgame Studios in order to offer you this exclusive raffle of 20 Starter packs for Goodgame Empire, their browser based MMORTS. This sweepstake will run from 09.09.2013 – 15.09.2013.

Winners will see a message with a code, an assigned prize number and an email address. If you are a winner, you have to send to that email adress the full code, your nick name and the email address you used to register in the game. This information will be sent to the publisher and they will contact the winners.

Starter Packs (only for new accounts):
1st Prize
o 2500 Wood
o 2500 Stone
o 2500 Food
o 2500 Rubies

2nd Prize:
o 1250 Wood
o 1250 Stone
o 1250 Food
o 1250 Rubies

3rd Price:
o 750 Wood
o 750 Stone
o 750 Food
o 750 Rubies

4th to 10th Prize – 7 packs:
o 500 Wood
o 500 Stone
o 500 Food
o 500 Rubies

11th to 20th Prize – 10 packs:
o 250 Wood
o 250 Stone
o 250 Food
o 250 Rubies

Step 1. Follow us on Facebook:

Step 2. Add your email in the field below the image of the promo, check your email account and follow the instructions.

Step 3. Register for Goodgame Empire Here 

Step 4. Enter your Nickname, E-Mail address and World above to participate in raffle

Step 5. Check mail for win notification.

Step 6.Price will be accounted once level 7 is reached.

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  1. United Kingdom July 18, 2014 at 2:13 PM -

    Please help me guy’s to get some more Golds and Rubies also 🙂 🙂 🙂 !

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