Goodgame Big Farm Introduces building appearances

Goodgame Big Farm Introduces building appearances


Goodgame Big Farm has received a major content update introducing building appearances. Players can now change the looks of a building choosing from several different appearance sets.

Appearances are alternative visuals that can be bought in the store and/or gained during certain events as prizes or rewards. They are stored and collected in the inventory, and can be used on a building from there.

The first set added is "Back to the roots", a set that gives buildings a rustic and natural style. But more will be released.

Check out an example:


goodgame big farm back the roots

About Big Farm

Big Farm : You begin life as a new farm owner, thought what you have inherited could barely be called a farm except for a fallow field and run down chicken shed. In this free to play browser based MMO you will take the reins of Uncle George’s farm and try to bring it up to date, keep it well maintained and manage it to be a successful business with the aid from local neighbouring farm owners and a few business minds with a vested interest in your success.

Manage all aspects of the game from constructing buildings, selling produce, feeding animals and expanding your borders. With various quests, tasks and challenges available players will be lost in the exciting, colourful and fun life of being a farm owner.

Key Features

- Story driven plot that progresses as you level up
- Colourful and fun comic style graphics
- Unique characters to help you on your way
- Different tasks and objectives
- Handle your own economy, buying and selling produce on the market
- Detailed processes that affect other players
- Competitions and community events
- Work with other players to help get the most from your farms
- Free to play
- Playable in your Internet browser, no client download required

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