GodsWar Online reveals its new pet, the elf guardian

A variety of creatures have been introduced to the game for GodsWar adventurers to tame, including pandas, tigers, rabbits and more. Recent additions to the GodsWar Online’s stable of pets are the humanoid Elf Guardians. A female Elf Guardian looks like a sprite and can be found flying behind her master. A male Elf Guardian holds a big mace and looks like a military guard in his classy helmet and uniform. Elf Guardians increase their master’s magic defense and can learn spells to increase attack power, damage from critical strikes, dodge rating, maximum HP and more.

Click image for larger version. Name:	Elf Male.jpg Views:	272 Size:	68.4 KB ID:	1176
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Pets can be evolved once they reach a certain level. After evolution, the pet will start over at Level 1, but its base stats will be greatly augmented. When a pet has evolved 8 times, its looks will be just as awesome as its stats. When a female Elf Guardian has evolved 8 times, she sprouts two horns and her hair and dress turn red. After his 8th evolution, a male Elf Guardian carries a sword and shield in addition to sporting new colors.

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