Gobbowl started its Open Beta

The strategy game and sports simulation Gobbowl Open Beta is available to all players from 8 to 18 September. Get ready for 10 days of frenzied game of slaps and goals against opponents from all around the world and determined to fight.

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The Gobbowl is a sport born from the imagination of Ankama that combines rugby and American football, made popular through the first season of Wakfu. Two teams of five players compete with very specific rules. The goal is to flatten the "Gobbowl" behind the goal line of the opposing team.

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Gobbowl is a turn-based tactical and sport simulator videogame. You can play directly, with your friends or people from other countries, through your web browser. You will take the role of a Gobbowl coach and will manage your own team. Your team will be represented by the 14 different classes taken from the Dofus and Wakfu universe.

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