– Gamescom 2012 – Exclusive presentation of Bullet Run

We went to a private presentation of Bullet Run, latest Sony Online Entertaintment MMOFPS that features a high level of graphics plus an action packed gameplay with a lot of fun features to try out during the match, it’s not all about bullets in this game.

After the presentation video showing all game’s features we got to play it for a while, and after customizing our character a bit, since the options were many we decided to change a couple of them only, we got in a game, the gameplay is fast, you have to be aware at all times, and it has some special weapons, apart from the rifles and guns, the game is designed to play against persons not characters, I mean you have a lot of bonuses for taunting, killing your nemesis, kill streaks and much more, so everything is focused on players behind characters, and their competition, getting a revenge or looking for your nemesis is a different way to play an online shooter.

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