Glenheim Redemption Arrives to C9


The newest content update for Continent of the Ninth Seal (C9) comes to the game today. Titled 'Glenheim Redemption', it brings to the game two event dungeons and a new stage mode “Nightmare”, among other things.

The new “Nightmare” stage mode has been added to the 1st and 6th continents’ dungeons creating the most difficult mode available to players. A total of 5 modes will now be accessible in-game including Normal, Hard, Expert, Master, and Nightmare modes on 1st and 6th continents. Those who manage to hunt the hellish boss monster with tactical skill combos in the Nightmare mode will have a chance to acquire a variety of rare items and brand-new equipment.

The new update also brings balance revamp which will make stages difficulty in the 4th to 6th continents’ dungeons much easier. Thanks to higher EXP gain and reduced requirements to accomplish the quest, players will be able to level up faster, having also higher chance of receiving magic/rare items.

Along with this update, players will be able to get an entry ticket from a special NPC in reward for completing the event quest. Players who collect the ticket should then speak to Armoni who will grant them access to the two event dungeons: Dimensional Fissure and Bang Turmoil, where skill books, Vacant Artisan Crystals and a range of rare items will be dropped from boss monsters.

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