Genesis expansion arrives into Perfect World on March 2nd

Perfect World Entertainment Inc today announced that Perfect World International: Genesis, the fourth expansion for its flagship massively multiplayer online role-playing game, will be released on March 2, 2011.

“Along with previous expansions, Perfect World International: Genesis highlights our commitment to bring new and unique online gaming experiences to our players,” said Jonathan Belliss, Director of Marketing for Perfect World Entertainment, Inc. “The sheer amount of manpower and resources that have gone into this project are paramount, making this our most ambitious expansion to date.”

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In Perfect World International: Genesis, players will witness the fulfillment of the ancient Pan Gu prophecy that foretold the destruction of Perfect World. In the midst of chaos and turmoil, an ancient race that has seen the coming of this post-apocalyptic world will emerge to fight alongside the existing population through the coming disaster.

Plethora of new content and robust features including:

Earthguard Race
An ancient, subterranean race with the special ability to foresee the future, featuring two new classes – the Seeker and the Mystic.

Seeker class
Possesses incredible strength and infuses magic stones into a massive two-handed claymore to deliver a great deal of damage.

Mystic class
Casts nature-based auras, carries abilities to heal themselves as well as squad members, and can summon elemental guardians to fight by their side.

New Skills
Seeker and Mystic class will be fully equipped with over 24 new skills including striking sword combat, potent magical attacks and healing abilities.

New Cities
New areas to explore including the lush forest cities of the Earthguard Race.

New Guild Bases
Factions will be able to build their bases with special shops where players can create rare items such as gear and potions.

New Territory War Resource
Factions will have to battle it out in a 40 vs. 40 faction war to determine control of a new scarce resource needed for building guild shops.

More Territory War
Four new expansive lands to add to the already existing Territory War map.

New Manufacturing Skill
Craft new items with Runecrafting for powerful stones that produce various buffs and effects.

New Fashion
Plethora of new fashions and character customization items available for the new and existing races, some of which even grant unique dances.

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