GamigoWeen 2022

GamigoWeen 2022
GamigoWeen 2022

Prepare for the fright of your life now that gamigoween has returned!

The spookiest time of year has returned and fans of gamigo can earn spooky treats across a wide range of games!

Halloween is nearly here, but boys and girls of all ages don’t have to wait to play a few tricks and earn tons of delicious treats! That’s because gamigoween has returned once again to give players of gamigo games plenty to do during the spookiest season of the year.

Whether players enjoy gamigo games on PC, console, or mobile, there’s something for everyone this gamigoween:

Trove – Shadow’s Eve returns with new quests, collectibles, and buffs while also bringing back fan favorites like the Wolves’ Den, Pumpkin Dungeons, and more!

• Fantasy Town – Join a special in-game event filled with new spooky characters, Jack O’ Lanterns, and plenty of candy! Play here Fantasy Town iOS devices and Fantasy Town Android devices

Wizard101 – Wizards are in for a spooky good time as Halloween has returned to the Spiral! Take on frightening Halloween quests, procure petrifying pets, collect creepy cards, and check out other fang-tastic items.

Aura Kingdom – Players can enjoy this year's Halloween event after seeking out Alice in the Oblitus Wood, she will offer a quest to unveil a mystery. What… or who is behind the laughter that comes from nearby?

Fiesta Online – While major towns get decorated for the occasions, Sir Gourd van Pumpkin invites players to beat his Maze of Madness. Halloween Reward Tickets wait for them as a reward. On top of that, Horror Candy with unexpected effects can be created.

Shaiya – Zombies and ghosts haunt several PvP maps. To deal with this supernatural infestation, players can go on quests and collect items by battling monsters and their bosses. In addition, a new dungeon has appeared in Boltagate.

RIFT – The Autumn Harvest has returned with quest givers located in the Meridian and Sanctum. Daily and weekly quests can be completed to earn event currency, which can then be redeemed for all kinds of spooky rewards such as mounts, pets, accessories, and much more!

Gamigo will also be hosting its annual #gamigoween stream on Twitch on Friday, October 28 at 18:00 CEST / 9:00AM PDT / 12:00PM EDT. The stream will highlight some of the Halloween-themed content across multiple games along with giveaways gamers would certainly not want to miss!

Source - Gamigo - Trove - Fiesta Online -Aura Kingdom- Shaiya- RIFT - Wizard101 - Fantasy Town iOS devices and Fantasy Town Android devices

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