Gamigo has started the closed beta of UfO Online and Jagged Alliance Online

Gamigo has started the closed beta of UFO Online – Fight for Earth and Jagged Alliance Online.

Although both games follow the same basic principles and can be played in a browser, the objectives of the two games could not be any different.
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UFO Online – Fight for Earth is starting today and focuses on PvP battles between the three factions competing for global domination. Territories are conquered by defeating players from other factions or aliens. Another important feature is crafting and enhancing weapons and other equipment. Players will need to keep expanding their headquarters to gain access to better opportunities.

Jagged Alliance Online will follow in a few days and is aimed at players looking for awesome AI with a variety of behavior patterns and exciting missions. Players choose their favorites from a pool of more than 60 mercenaries and then equip and train them in the expandable headquarters. PvP content will be added to the game at a later date.

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