Gamigo has presented its new building strategy game Bloody Bite

Gamigo has announced its newest building strategy game Bloody Bite. The game happens in the beginning of the twentieth century and vampires and werewolves have emerged to take over as the rulers of the Earth.

Bloody Bite will be entering the closed beta testing phase with today's announcement. Registration is now open on the game's official website.
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Players can choose whether they would like to take on the role of a vampire or a werewolf to conquer buildings in select cities and then expand these to increase their sphere of influence. Here one can choose to take the safer route that yields less income or the high-risk approach with greater benefits. Oppressed and ill-treated humans might provide more resources but can easily be provoked to riot.

Missions will need to be completed all around the world in order to unlock new regions. Players can join with others in their clan to conquer important cities together. If Shanghai, Hamburg or Rome is conquered by vampires, then it will be easier for all vampires to complete quests and defeat end bosses there.

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Bloody Bite's features at a glance:

- The battle between vampires and werewolves, set in the 1920s
- Conquer and expand buildings in metropolises around the world
- Choose between playing it safe or the risky approach
- Riots in the cities
- PvE missions against legendary monsters and other creatures
- Special PvE instances (including Frankenstein's Laboratory)
- Clan system with battles for important quest areas
- Crafting system
- Comprehensive character creation and development (appearance, weapons, outfits, pets)
- PvP system

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