– Gamescom 2012 – War Thunder exclusive presentation

There are a lot of games about airplanes, war and fighting, but we can easily say (meeting the Gaijin Team at Gamescom) that War Thunder isn’t the morethe-same air-fight game. War Thunder has, first of all, a deep, historical soul: you’ll never find another game with so much realistic content about (really happened) battles.

With the Second World War background, War Thunder tells the history through a cockpit you have to manage, on the wings of an airplanes you have to pilot, to lead your team to victory, to change to course of events. Another problems that usually afflict games of this genre are then the difficulty to control the airplane, the learning curve (always a bit steep) and the fun you can really get flying around and killing foes: well, War Thunder seems to clear all these hurdles easily, with a groundbreaking control system (keyboard and mouse can be used together or disjointed one from other), with a connected learning curve easy to climb (but not so much to eliminate the taste of progression) and a gameplay that makes you a part of an historical battle.

If from a PvE point of view War Thunder will bring you from a battle to another all over the world (fighting on lands and seas too), the game doesn’t refuse the PvP experience that involves massive full scale battles. Lastly, the game appears all customizable: you can choose the difficulty level for every mission and the point of view from the airplane (cockpit or airplane views from different distances). The game-graphic is pretty nice to see, full detailed and above all smooth.

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