– Gamescom 2012 – Victory: the Age of Racing exclusive presentation

Those who believe that racing games are all the same thing, will have to change their mind because Victory: the Age of Racing seems to be the first perfect hybrid between a cars game and a MMORPG game, since your car is your character, your creature, your unique alter ego thrown towards victory.

Antonio Moro, our contact (and creative director) about Victory at the Gamescom 2012, first of all clarifies the target of the game: not the casual racer that wants easy-to-learn game controls and simplified physics, nor the hard-core gamers, that would have professional races of three hours; Victory is the right way that lies in the middle, granting a realistic physics, real time collisions, controls easy to learn (but hard to master), fast races and funny gameplay. Quick competitions (that is, quick join competitions, in every moment of them) is balanced by the performance points system that give an advantage to racers that began the race (the others one that enters in an already begun races can go on racing until begins another quick race).

The car customization is simply great: each car has 4 blocks (front, center, rear and block system) that players can customize according to their wishes; then the car can be painted, so that players can choose colours, decals and colorable shapes. Each car has then unique attributes (Weight, Aerodynamics, Traction, Grip, Brakes and Power) that can be improved through the “performance points” that can be acquired buying items in the marketplace: each type of car has anyway a “performance cap”, so that if you want to maximize one you have to choose the right kind of car.

The advanced system of matchmaking put you and your car in the best server available (or create a new server for you): racing well and completing achievements means to earn Gears Credist, Race Experience, Items and Titles. Players can level up (this is the RPG element of this original racng game), and leveling up means to unlock new car classes, new series of cars: there are 3 car classes, the Rookie class (best for beginners, similar to an arcade racing game), the Semipro class (suited for veterans players) and the Pro class (that features a realistic way to drive cars, truly similar to a simulation).

Talking about controls, players can choose between gamepad, keyboard or even only mouse: anyway those 3 way to control the car are at the moment in a balancing phase.

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