– Gamescom 2012 – Travian Games has presented two new browser games

We met up with Travian Games, the developers and publishers of some of the biggest browser games on the market to talk about two of their up and coming releases: Imperion and an as of yet unnamed title (at least not a name that is ready to be made public).


Kicking off with Imperion the game is already being referred to as “Travian in space”, the mechanics and style of the game being similar to what we’ve already seen in their previous title. Imperion is a construction and management strategy Sci-FI MMORTS set in the year 2137 where three races (Terrans, Titans and Xen) are in constant conflict for supremacy in space. Each race gives a completely different type of game with different units, technologies and characteristics which will require different tactics to play each race successfully.

In the game players are able to create meaningful alliances for trade and cooperative military pacts against other players within the game; once your neighbours start to expand their borders then it may only be a matter of time before they declare war! Each game takes months to play through, with an ultimate winner at the end usually culminating in massive battles between alliances; destruction of your civilization really does mean the end for your team.

As with Travian Imperion will be free-to-play with some added functions to paying customers to give extra advantages, e.g. with the free-to-play setup you are only able to queue two buildings in your build queue, meaning that you must regularly log into the game if you want to get the most out of your construction. With the paid option the build queue is expanded and so requires less in game time to keep a fully function faction. As well as this there are visual customization options that are exclusive to paying customers.

Imperion is currently in closed beta with open beta becoming available at the end of the year.

New Title

We were able to get a small insight on a new unnamed title that Travian Games has on the horizon. The game will be set in ancient Egypt where there is a focused element of co-op PvE within the MMO, joint storylines that can be worked on with other players and quests. Whilst there will be quests that some players can solo, there will be a focus on bringing players together where some quests can only be accomplished with a team.

The game, as with their other titles, will be browser based and playable through mobile devices; more information (and a name) should be being released from Travian Games soon.

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