– Gamescom 2012 – Theralon exclusive presentation

The Infernum Booth wasn’t so infernal as the company name could suggest: in fact we met there two very kind guys ready to our questions about the project named Theralon, about whom probably the video-gamer’s community will heard a lot.

Why? Because Project Theralon want to be everything people likes about MMORPG, but with more freedom in its veins. Starting from beginning, in Project Theralon you are, first of all, a Dragon-Rider. A lot of MMOs have raiders, more again have dragons, but in no one of them you start as a Dragon Rider, as you are a hero even before to become it. And, if you aren’t surprised yet, the wings of your dragons will fly with the smoothness of the CryEngine3, via client, or, even more surprising, via browser (so, probably Mac users will enjoy it too).

If you get tired to dress the role of the hero, no problems: you have a secondary character too (a secondary, not a second character), directly linked to the first, able to do all the “ordinary things” (like professions, or ordinary defense of a city, for instance) that the Dragon Rider can’t to, as super-hero. But you can freely switch the first character with the second on-the-fly, without any restriction, for example because the city in which you live has been attacked by another dragon. That’s probably your city, because the freedom that you can breathe in this game means to build everything from nothing everywhere. And these features are only a little part of a truly huge concept, in which no-one can be classified by a stupid level, but only by what you can really do, with your skill in combat, in building and so on.

The right consequence of this is the absence of any kind of class: in the (playable) presentations our alter-ego (very similar to He-Man!) is able to fight melee, to fight mounting the Dragon, to cast terrible balls of fire, to jump as a cat from high altitude. Graphic features are nice, the gameplay flows smooth and everything seems very playable, and above all, very fun. So, good luck guys, we are waiting for your game, for the MMOs sake!

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