– Gamescom 2012 – Star Conflict exclusive presentation

It’s a pleasure to see that in the hard and difficult world of videogames there is still people able to dare, developing games so different from the others. Star Conflict is a game that can be considered a Spaceships MMORPG, mainly set in the dangerous Sector 1337, where everything is dead and precious.

Dead because a mysterious Cataclysm destroyed every form of life, precious because only there you can found the Precursors artifacts, your ticket to richness. But, at the helm of your mighty spaceship, your purpose is actually to survive: for this reason you can pilot different ships (from the lighter and fast ones to the heavy and strong), and above all you can join with other players to form a tactical squadron (made by different ships with different roles, as in a real MMORPG).

Gaining experience you’ll learn always new skills, and we can say that the classic “tree” of skills in this game is even bigger than in a real RPG. A lot of abilities will contribute to make you a unique pilot (the stealth ability is impressive) as well as a huge arsenal of weapons and possibilities to equipment make your ships fully customizable and pretty lethal ( each ship has a lot of “modules” that can be changed according to pilot wishes).

The only chance you have to understand the depth and the fun you can get from Star Conflict (moreover provided of a stunning graphic), it’s to try it. Some features of Star Conflict reminded me the legendary Mechwarrior4, but the Gaijin team developed in its game a deeper content, a faster action, a real fun experience.

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