– Gamescom 2012 – New details of Brick Force

The Infernum Booth wasn’t so infernal as the company name could suggest: in fact we met there two very kind guys (…) ready to our questions and very fond of their games, Brick Force and a project, named Theralum, about whom probably the video-gamer’s community will heard a lot.

What about Brick Force? It is pretty new, it is fun, it right now gathers a nice players community that loves to build and loves to kill (but only if the enemy dies with a fun-cartoon animation).

Over 1 million of registered users for a game that, brick by brick, makes its community main character of a story very creative and fun to live. Based on the Unity 3D, Brick Force not only amuses us with a smooth, fast paced action shooter, but also can be easily played via client as well as via browser (and in this second case by Mac users too), so that nobody has an excuse not to play it! We tried the “build and destroy” game mode, in which players of two teams have some time available to build, always brick by brick, all they wish in a map, that can confuse, terrify, amuse or astonish the opposite team (in our trial Nicholas built the highest tower ever seen, creating and jumping one by one a brick under his feet).

Almost everything can be used to set your base: gun towers to defend, detonation targets to confuse, spawning points to make the whole game more tactical. Passed the available time, if it’s true that the game shows itself as a shooter, we can say, by the other side, that the winner (even since beginning) will be probably the more imaginative team: fantasy is the true key-feature of Bick Force, and it is hard to kill, even for skilled shooter players! In addition, it’s necessary to remember that every map can be created, so can be shared with friends and the whole community too, sometimes with incredible outcomes!

Nicholas in fact showed me what happens when Brick Force community meet the Minecraft one: stunning structures with everything you can imagine built by a lot of people with a single purpose, to have fun! It’s important to remind that Brick Force follows a free to play model, easy to understand, fun to discover (step by step), mainly regarding aesthetic and absolutely far from every “pay to win” model: the only element can advantage you in battle is actually your fantasy. The game is constantly updated, always with new settings (for example Sci-Fi or Western) and new brick design, and a lot of game mode are available (Capture the Flag, Build and Destroy, Defusion, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and the upcoming PvE mode, Defense). Lastly, the game will be soon playable via smart phones or tablet too: prepare your bricks, everywhere you are!

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