– Gamescom 2012 – League of Legends presents 2 new champions

In the Riot Booth the associate producer revealed us the two last heroes that we’ll see on our screens playing League of Legends: a “jungler” (that is a hero that levels up killing monsters in the jungle and lives to ambush opposite heroes) and a “mid” (usually a magic hero, taking the middle path of the map).

The first one is Rengar, an impressive lion, the last of this race, totally committed to be the best trophy hunter of the whole League. His abilities make him a truly lethal jungler: the passive one, “unseen predator” let him to leap from brush with a normal attack (as a real lion in his hunt), the normal abilities (Savagery, Battle Roar and Bola Strike) are respectively attack, defense and crowd control abilities, and the final ability “Thrill of the Hunt” stealths the hero and reveals hidden enemies, boosting the increasing rate of the “ferocity points”, on which the hero is based, granting him bonus damage, heal or root using normal abilities.

The second hero that soon we’ll see in the League is Syndra, a mage specialized in manipulating dark energies: she seems to be a magic evolution of Orianna, even if in Syndra, much more than in Orianna, crucial importance have combos. With her ability Syndra can drop a dark sphere in a well-defined point and then move it (or move a monster) to another position making a lot of damage; she has a defensive ability too that consists of a cone of dark energy able to knockback all enemies in front of it, and a final ability that focus massive damage to a single target.

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