– Gamescom 2012 – Exclusive presentation of Sevencore

Sevencore is a mmorpg different from the rest, and we wanted to check how its development is going and how the game looks like, so Galanet invited us to a private presentation and we got a lot of information and media. In Sevencore the mount system is a blend of the standard mount system, pet system and companion system you may find in other mmo games.

In this game your pet can be mounted, can even be your flying mount, and your sidekick on the battlefield, there are several pets in the game broken down into 3 main categories, attack, defense and traveling, depending on the specific pet it may even get to do all of them, but that’s not all, you can further upgrade your mount improving its skills and putting some gear on it. The game also has a strong PvP system in which your guild can control regions, setting taxes and prices on them.

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