– Gamescom 2012 – Exclusive presentation of Kartuga

From the Innogames Booth, the nice development team of Kartuga brought us in a large room full of powerful PCs, all ready to allow us the experience to breath the real and salty pirate’s air! Surprisingly browser and Unity 3D based, the game can be easily played and it’s hard to stop to play it.

If by one side the setting about pirates can be perhaps a bit devalued, by the other Kartuga is the first Pirate-Game that combines in a very original way the MMORPG features, as the character progression, the presence of three classes (destroyer, protector and engineer) and of dozen of skills and thousands of items to equip, the vibrant and persistent world in which the adventure takes place…with the immediacy of a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) in his funny PvP battles (that we experience for 40 min, more or less).

The PvP is the real key-feature of the fun, and you have to master your ship-drive and your cannon-aim to become a real mighty pirate. When the game starts (we tried the game mode in which players have to defend some zone of the map to earn point and win the match) you, on board of your ship, have to lead fast it through the seas and enemies, to shoot wisely calculating well the timing, to use one of your abilities (always 4, unique for each class) in the right moment and in the right place. A particular feature is the fact that after dead you can choose the your next spawn point, according to the map situation. The curve of learning of the game isn’t so steep to compromise the fun, always right behind the corner: and the metal hip flask that Innogames gifted us, it has been one of the nicest gadget ever seen!

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