– Gamescom 2012 – Exclusive presentation of Hounds

Jon-Enée Merriex, Producer at CJ Games Global, talked with us about one of their coming titles: Hounds.

Hounds is the mature 18+ title from CJ Games that takes place in the not too distant future where a virus has infected the world mutating the majority of its populous, and where you play a member of the Hounds whose main purpose is to find survivors and kick mutant butt. The game features all the trimmings of an MMO with 4 team co-op “dungeon” maps or 16 man raids for some higher end content, some 8v8 PvP maps and even some light crafting elements.

Hounds is a classless game, the role each person takes is determined by the equipment they choose to use, e.g. taking up a riot shield will make you ideal for a defender role, though essentially players can switch roles during game where during PvP if you kill a player you are able to pick up and use their weapon for the rest of the match.

The trailer we saw looked fun and action packed and was graphically appealing, unfortunately we have quite a wait to see what the final product is like as Hounds is scheduled for a Q1 2014 release.

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