– Gamescom 2012 – Exclusive presentation of Herokon

To find the development team of Herokon we went to a nice castle-booth, suitable equipped with comfortable soft sofa for lazy RPG players. And at once we already pronounced the key-word of this game: RPG.

Silver style knows well what this word means and intended of creating its game having always in mind this meaning: it’s not a case that the role-playing background of the game is the popular and big brand “The Dark Eye”, a brand created in Germany since 1984, able to rival with Star Trek or Dungeons & Dragons with more than 130 novels, a lot of rule books, trading cards, audiobooks and a community of over 6 millions players worldwide. To plunge in the world of Aventuria (porting authentically in the game, with a wealth of details) is easy: Herokon Online, whilst its good graphic (not so smooth in animation, but good indeed), is a browser-based and free to play game, so that to start an epic adventure you need only some clicks of your mouse.

Every character in the Aventuria world has a story to tell, every place has a mission to complete, every town has a mystery to solve: over 300 playable quest are available (and weekly updated), to unwind that stories The Dark Eye authors wrote just for your amusement. Players can choose between 3 races and 9 classes, can have pets (but not mount, at the moment), can customize their skills. The game is now entered in an Open Beta phase that features 3 main regions with 3 vast capitals and 200 accessible areas, every place accompanied by an epic music.

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