– Gamescom 2012 – Exclusive presentation of Firefall

We were surprised when we talked to David Williams from Red 5 Studios this year as Firefall has become a different game since we interviewed David past year, now the has a faster pace, and players have gained more control over their characters which makes it a more competitive game harder to master, classes have also been tweaked, being now capable of perform different roles which throws more variables into the equation.

This MMOFPS has been running several months in Closed Beta stage so far, and we were so happy to hear that Red 5 Studios listened to the community and performed major changes in almost every single aspect of the game, which delayed the game development progression but definitely improved it a lot, now it has evolving and dynamic events throughout the world, characters progression broken down into tiers, first vehicles coming out, and future vehicle upgrades and customization on the roadmap, which is fantastic, from here we wish them the best.

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