– Gamescom 2012 – Interview about Rising Force Online revamp

We were lucky enough to sit down with OnNet Europe’s Head of Marketing Björn Hornemann for an exclusive reveal of OnNet’s soon to launch title; Rising Force Online. Whilst many will be asking “is this the same game published by Codemasters in 2006?” the answer is yes and no. CCR International took the title back from Codemasters and have now placed it in the hands of OnNet Europe to revamp and re-release for the European market creating a completely different game.

Whilst loyal to the original in many ways the game is being developed specifically with a European market in mind; losing the hack n’ slash grind typical of Korean MMOs, the game will focus on more emotional, story driven content and a large focus on PvP battles between players.

The game is currently without a website but the word from the community through the games Facebook site is very positive with people eager to find out more details. Speaking with Björn it was clear that they wanted to keep close communication with the fans loyal to the new titles predecessor, feeling that OnNet EU need to try and make up for a slightly sour history with Rising Force’s previous incarnation. This desire to connect with the fans was evident when talking about the games micro-transactions system, though there weren’t many details Björn made it clear that “we have ideas, we want to try new things, but we’ll also be keeping an eye on what the players want”.

With the closed beta scheduled for around November (sign ups available from the end of August) OnNet are looking to have 4000 accounts available for testing. The closed beta will last two weeks after which all accounts will be wiped and then a week later they are planning to run the open beta and gearing towards a November release once testing is complete.

The game will be released initially with two servers; English and German, and are said to be able to hold between 100 – 200 thousand players.

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