– Gamescom 2012 – CJ Games Global has announced two new free-to-play titles

CJ Games Global has unveiled the development of two new free-to-play titles, the strategy-based MMORPG, Monarch and the MMORPS Hounds .

Both games will be presented at the Gamescom, along with the first playable demo of CJ Games Global’s first person shooter, District 187: Sin Streets.

Monarch Trailer

Hounds Trailer

Too many times, publishers from Asian markets import and localize popular titles to the western market but falter at captivating players,” says Jina Song, Chief Operating Officer of CJ Games Global. “Our recipe for success is to create and publish games that will appeal to an International audience. Monarch and Hounds were carefully hand selected to do so. Our goal is to expand the local success of CJ E&M Game Division to the global market.

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