– Gamescom 2012 – C9 exclusive presentation

In the MMORPG world there are two kinds of games that can be attractive for skilled (as well as newbie) videogamers: games that fulfill better old paths and games that are groundbreaking.

C9 (Continent of the Ninth Seal) belongs to both kinds: it has a very stunning graphic, a real joy for eyes; it runs smoothly, with characters moving very smart in the screen; but, above all, C9 brings the non-targeting system and the combo system to excellence, that means, in this genre, to maximum fun.

Three classes will appear in your MMORPG dreams, holding giant weapons but moving like butterflies through lethal hits: Fighter (the classic melee class, that can be evolved to Warrior, Guardian or Blade Master), Hunter (the ranged/stealth/damage dealer class, that can be evolved to Assassin, Ranger or Scout) and Shaman (the magic class, that can transform into Elementalist, Taoist or Illusionist).

That you choose one of these class or another the watchwords of the game are: pure action, pure movement, pure timing. Without action this game couldn’t be called C9, without movement your character is pretty dead, without timing you can’t do combos and, consequently, damage.

All this emphasis on the action aspect of the game involves that this latter features very precise controls, able to let an high grade of identification. Lastly, in the colorful world of Blenheim you can experience two original features: the ultimate fury skill, that you are able to unleash (by clicking both muse buttons) accumulating a certain number of “fury points” and… the possibility to become a Legend (a title that increases stats too) killing enemies in particular areas of the game.

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