– Gamescom 2012 – Arctic Combat exclusive presentation

The second creature of Webzen belongs to the FPS genre, but with all that interesting features that are able to make, from a good game, a great game, a great MMO.

Describing an hypothetical conflict between USA and Russia during a more hypothetical Third World War, where the parts of the game are the AF (Allied Forces) and the RSA (Red Star Alliance), players will be brought to a frozen tundra, to combat until the last man, to get the control of the few resources that the future world still can have.

The purpose is easy: to annihilate the enemy, but the ways to do it are really interesting and depth, almost RPG. Assuming the role of a brave soldier, in fact, you can have active or passive skills, according to a system well thought and well balanced: choosing one passive skill instead of another has their tactical consequences, so that you have to choose wisely, carefully considering the map and the game-mode in which you play.

In addition, during PvP matches, to balance and to make more exciting the game, the “supply system” makes dead players randomly drop supply packs (with whom you can request a chopper support), health packs (that restore your HP), artillery packs (with whom you can request a bombing support), UAV packs (that reveal the enemy position).

In this game we have the classic weapons that can make happy every little soldier: but this latter could be happier in certain maps, in which is possible to use special weapons, as the AT-4 (a rocket launcher!!), the Flamethrower, a mounted Machine Gun and other nice death-tools. Graphic features are simply great: the game, based on the Unreal Engine, shows itself stunning to see and realistic to play, with astonishing blood and weapons effects.

The main sensation, playing Arctic Combat, is realism and fun, beauty and action at the same time, and you won’t be easy to stop to play it once you begin.

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