– Gamescom 2011 – Gamania has unveied its new MMO Core Blaze

At the Gamescom, this year, we had the chance to meet Gamania’s team and they have unveiled some information about their new hack n slash MMO, Core Blaze.

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Core Blaze is powered by the Unreal 3 engine which brings very beautiful graphics to the game. The game allows group PVP and the combats are spectacular and very visual. Core Blaze team told us that with this game they are trying to bring console players to MMO.
You can control your character with the keyboard or a gamepad and you are able to execute a fair variety of moves. You can, for instance, climb, dodge, support, rescue, blaze and more.

There are 4 archetypes available for the moment, which are defined by the type of weapon they use. You can choose the Bow equiped archetype for ranged combat, the Great Sword archetype for very powerful close combat, the Dual Blade archetype for quick and furtive combat, or the Sword and Shield archetype defense oriented.

The game is supposed to be released at the end of 2012 in Europe.

We have 2 videos that show you the gameplay of this new action oriented MMO.

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