– Gamescom 2011 – Exclusive presentation of the new mmo of Hi-rez Booth, Tribes: Ascend

Hi-Rez booth has presented in the Gamescom a multiplayer demo of this upcoming title, the FPS Tribes: Ascend, and we haved the luck to try the demo in a exclusive presentation of the game.

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Features and details that we have seen in the demo

- Skii mode, hold it while flying to charge momentum and then boost your speed.
- Around 15 different classes.
- You earn during each match (you lose them at the end of it) by accomplishing goals, killing foes and protecting flags among others, you can spend these credits by buying vehicles.
- There is a stealth skill that players which specific classes can use to sneak on enemy’s bases.
- Character’s speed is affected by class and gear you’re currently wearing, heavy armors and weaponry for example.
- There is a repair gun ready to be taken by everybody, so they can repair base systems, devices, turrets and so without switching class.
- Apart from the usual tribes vehicles there is a motorcycle with two seats to take team mates to specific location in a moment.
- Game modes currently released, deathmatch and capture the flag
- Capture the flag, ended when 25 minutes have passed or 5 flags have been taken, enemy flag is the main target but generator is the second one, very important to keep your defense turrets, vehicles spawn, and other systems powered up and running.
- There is a standard achievement system which unlocks in-game and you can see the badges and achievements while playing.
- F2P, the online store will have cosmetic items and boosters which don’t affect the game nor PvP balance, but everything can be achieved in-game.

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