– Gamescom 2011 – Details from the Gamescom of Eligium

In Eligium the players can take the role of the Chosen to free the world and fight against the demons.

The title has more to offer than just dungeons or instances of group full of aggressive monsters known for the exceptional depth of plot and lots of features that will delight fans of all genres.

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Eligium has been developed by Shanda Games Ltd., one of China's most important companies in this sector. Frogster has licensing rights for Europe and North America and plans to launch this free of charge during the first quarter of 2012 in its versions in German, English, French and Polish. The beta phase will begin in 2011, and interested players can now register on its new website. The game can be tested first between 18 and 21 August in the Gamescom.

Eligium features.

- Closed Beta Test at the end of this year, release 2012 Q1
- Factions system (2), 4 races and 5 classes
- You learn skills by using skill scrolls gained as quest reward and mobs’ drop
- Skills and weapons increase as you use them
- Mounts, you can fight while riding a mount with customized animations
- Disguise system where you can choose your character’s appearance apart from stats, wearing a pirate set or whatever you prefer while dealing your usual damage or tanking is something everybody looks for.
- They are currently polishing the game and performing location tasks like translation and setting customer preferences depending on regions.
- Deep pet system, you get an egg, rise it by feeding it with different kind of objects and food, so the pet grows up and earn different skills depending on its feeding, for example if you feed it with healing potions the pet will be able to use healing skills on you.

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