GamesCampus has announced the launch date of Carte has revealed that the commercial launch date for their first global online trading card game, Carte is going to be the next March 8th.

All players will be invited to join the game, build a deck, and join one of five illustrious nations, each with their own stories and strengths.

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With the official launch of Carte, anyone can now partake of Carte's many exciting gameplay features, such as its epic raid battles. Raids allow players to show off their deck building savvy, puzzle solving, and teamwork as they team up with other players to earn unique cards by challenging deadly bosses.

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These bosses have powers far beyond those of a normal player. Even the easiest raid provides a unique challenge, with its combination of Hero-slaying monsters and mass destruction. More difficult bosses will summon hordes of defenders, take on multiple forms, and more. Raids provide hours of entertainment and challenge as players work together to find the right combination of cards and skill that will lead to victory.

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"The closed beta test has been wildly successful - we would have loved to include everyone, but the demand was simply too high!" said Chris Ahn, Head of Marketing at GamesCampus. "The feedback we've received is great, and we're ready to show off the results of daily patches including bug fixes, translation corrections and card balancing."

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