Zoo2 Animal Park

Zoo 2: Animal Park

Zoo 2: Animal Park

Build enclosures and pretty paths. Beautify your animal park by setting up tasteful decorations. Feed and foster your animals and breed them to get cute babies. Families, pensioners, children – people of all ages will visit your park and admire your animals.

There is a great variety available: You can have everything from exotic birds to cute forest inhabitants to dangerous predators. Even water enclosures are at your disposal to make them a home for bubbly water animals.

The panda is especially cute and totally playful. Its clumsy somersaults and attitude will take your zoo visitors’ hearts by storm. It has been one of the visitor magnets in the cute zoo browser game Zoo 2: Animal Park from the beginning. Many other animals like elephants, giraffes, zebras and flamingos will also inhabit your zoo.

The more you level up, the more animals kinds will be available for you! You can design the animals’ enclosures species-appropriate and in a loving way: Steep play rocks, rustic tree branches, funny play items and many more. Diversified enclosures will make your animals happy. Reaching new levels will give you more unique design opportunities.

Provide your visitors with tasty snacks, exciting souvenirs as well as great establishments. Make sure that your visitors feel completely content. Plant bushes, trees as well as flowers and place delightful decorations to beautify your animal park. The selection of pretty decorations is almost boundless.

Build paths to enable your visitors to walk through your entire zoo and to see all animals. Don’t be surprised that your visitors will stop now and then to marvel at your animals. Befriend other players and make progress together in Zoo 2: Animal Park.

The Player can help each other out in your animal parks, communicate via messages and even join the same club. The sky is the limit for your creativity. Join the game for free now and immerse into the fantastic animal world of Zoo 2: Animal Park!


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