Zombies ate my pizza

GENRE: Free to play Shooter MMORPG
PLATFORM: Web Browser


Zombies Ate My Pizza (ZAMP) is a free to play fast-paced action shooter played directly in your Internet browser where players take on the role of a new member of the human militia banding together to fight back the zombie invaders. This light-hearted MMORPG has touches of comedy that keep the game fresh, exciting combat which grows progressively more difficult and a variety of different features to customise and upgrade your gear as you level up.


- Action based combat
- 3v3 Basic Training Battle Mode
- Combine Cards to summon super powers
- Player cross server in 3v3 battles
- Upgrade your new weapons
- Play against other players in the Undead Tournament
- Take part in the player militia only “Fortress Militia Meatwall”
- Browser Based
- Free to Play


Aliens have invaded and released a virus on the world that as almost wiped out civilisation, the zombie apocalypse is upon us as the effects of the virus turn the populous into mindless zombies who only see one thing when they look upon the living. Walking slices of pizza; and boy do they have a taste for it. Join up with the militias performing all over the globe trying to fight back these dough brained creatures with your new allies and the huge collection of weapons.


The game’s controls are extremely simple, moving around with the WASD keys, using your number keys to use special attacks and using your left mouse click to fire your main weapon. With 3-D side scrolling graphics you control where your character’s shooting using the mouse as wave after wave of monsters try to take you down. Unique graphic style is colourful and exciting with well-designed environments that players will navigate as they unlock and complete different level stages advancing through the game.


skills allow players to make extra tax other than the one used by their weapon, used primarily for performing large amounts of damage to a group such as grenade attacks, each of which has a cooldown. Players will unlock skills as they level up; attack skills, defensive skills and support skills, and they are able to equip for of these at any one time. Each skill can be levelled up using skill crystals, the higher its level the more powerful in its effect.


The enemies come in all different types, wide selection that will offer up different challenges and require the use of different tactics and attacks to defeat them. Starting with the typical slow moving low damage zombie that can be killed relatively quickly, players will quickly have to face off against zombies that can fire from range as well as facing more tougher to kill mobs that are the same as other enemies but just with more hit points to make them a more elite version. After a few levels players will have to face off against unique boss mobs that have their own unique look and different combat mechanics such as chasing you around vomiting up acid pools or throwing bouncing bombs that you have to dodge. At the end of a particular zone players must fight against the zone boss, considerably tougher and gives much more challenging fight.


Players can create their own Guild in the game known as militias, which are used to gain honour as well as other bonuses such as valuable materials and other items that can be found in the unique militia shop. Players also gain access to militia events to earn Militia Contribution points (MC) used to purchase items in the militia shop.


players are able to unlock and purchase a variety of different guns from the Arms Cache, their availability determined by the amount of honour a player has on locked as well is their character level. Players main weapon has a rate of fire, range and attack damage as well as a number of bullets it can fire before needing to recharge (bullets constantly recharge up to their max amount). Players can also get access to automatic weapons that will fire whenever the player is not firing their manual weapon and never require reloading.


Web Browser




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