Yulgang 2

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG


Yulgang 2 is a free to play MMORPG set in the world of the popular Korean Manhwa comics by Jeon Geuk-Jin with illustrations by Yan Jae Hyun, the events of the game taking place 30 years after the story revealed in Manhwa. Players can play as a variety of classes and will play in one of two factions from the lore; Chaos or Order.


- Full character customization

- Play as either the Order faction or the Chaos faction

- Four playable classes: Archer, Warrior, Mage and Healer

- Qing Gong “Air Sprint” martial arts moves where players can run at speed, walk on water, scale walls and more

- Summon pets with the Divine Beast System

- Crafting Abilities, eg. Blacksmithing, Pharmacy, Tailoring and more

- Free to Play


The ancient Sinji martial artists had strove to dominate the lands of Murim, but with the combined efforts of Order and Chaos the clan was crushed and went long forgotten. Twenty years passed after that alliance had crushed a common enemy and rumour of a powerful treasure began to surface, rumours that lead both the factions of Chaos and Order to the Divine Temple where powerful artifacts were found. To keep the peace between the two factions, for the betterment of Murim, the factions agreed to divide the treasure equally.

However at that moment the temple began to crumble, forcing both sides to flee as they were set upon by unknown attackers, a dangerous foe that fought with the mayhem of the hells. News of this attack and the destruction of the assembled parties of both Order and Chaos travelled, forcing both clans to gather their forces and destroy the sacred place.

The events that had happened at the Divine Temple never came to light, and the two factions grew suspicious of each other and the part they played. Now, four years later, that suspicion has broken down the alliance between Order and Chaos that had banded together against the Sinji so long ago and finally a Great War has broken out.


Between the two factions of Order and Chaos players can choose between four different classes:

Warrior – Expert combatants who prefer to fight one-on-one relying on their weapons and strength

Archer – Using swift hit-and-run tactics to weaken enemy defences they are deadly from a distance

Mage – Masters of the magic arts they can command natures’ fury into powerful attacks

Healer – Utilizing their healing abilities they can keep companions alive and hinder their enemies


In Yulgang 2 players are able to summon their own pets using the Divine Beast system, these pets can be used as mounts to run (Land Mount Pets) or fly across the world (Aerial Mount Pets) and, more importantly, aid in battle (Fighting Type Pets).

Each pet has their own available skills, levels and stats; everything from strength, attack power, critical hit chance and more. A pets level will increase as you kill more enemies with it and complete quests and some even have their own pet quests.


To add to the exciting style and speed of combat players are also able to use Air Sprint manoeuvres, seen in many Chinese martial arts movies and more often known as Qing Gong. This ability allows players to run up high walls, jump from tree to tree, fly over cliffs, run and water and run at super speeds.


Players will be able to make their own items and gear from a variety of resource gathering and crafting skills: Blacksmithing, Salvaging, Cooking, Jewel Crafting, Pharmacy, Tailoring, Mining, Gem and Socketing.


The game is free to play but players can purchase “Zenith” as the premium currency to buy cash items in the in-game shop. In the shop players can purchase all types of boosts, buffs, appearance change tickets, extra slot backpacks, potions and more.


Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7
CPU: Dual Core 2.0ghz
Graphics: GeForce 8600 512mb
DirectX Version: 9.0c


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