GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
PLATFORM: Web Browser
DEVELOPER: Proficientcity


WindGlory is a free to play browser-based sky fighting MMO RPG4 with flight based combat and an in-depth storyline where Demons and Dragons have come to dominate the skies preying on the children of the Earth. A united Alliance has risen up to face off against this dark coalition and fight for the world that they love.


- Story driven content
- Strategic gear and skill focused combat
- Variety of different resource currencies to acquire and spend
- Challenging PVP dungeons and events
- PVP arena battles
- Completely free to play


Players must fight through PVP story driven content to level up their character, unlock new abilities and skills and acquire powerful items and gear to improve their combat proficiency.


Centuries ago Aldo, the powerful and supreme leader of the Demon forces, was imprisoned within a distant dimensional, traps with only his own company and plans for his escape as turn his Demon into a more malevolent being than he ever was. Now this freedom is upon him, set loose on the world once more by a sect of dark elves, orcs and goblins all working at the behest of a skeleton King who have broken the seals on his prison. This coalition have now align themselves alongside the Dragon King Dorgan, a twisted race that once served the wizards who controlled them, using them as their flying mounts in their cities in the sky before the dragons took their freedom back and laid waste to the wizards in a brutal war.

The dark forces aligned, only the prophecy gives hope to the creatures of light, promise of a human that will rise to wear the Soulstone; the powerful amulet that can wield the power to destroy both Dorgan and Aldo forever.


There are three playable characters in the game:

The Thunder Warrior: proficient in defensive abilities and blocking techniques, is dedicated soldiers are the perfect physical specimens and the very incarnation of strength and bravery.

The Amazon Archer: and agile and keen eyed combatant they are able to Dodge their enemies’ attacks and deal out high-level critical strikes, able to identify and exploit their enemies weaknesses.

The Kirin Tor Wizard: utilising powerful spells to enhance their attacks and defences and Magic runs strong with these gifted arcane spell casters utilising date years of study and natural gifts.


Resources come in many forms in the game, particular currencies that can be spent in various locations to improve your character and your items:

Gold is one of the most commonly used currencies within the game, used primarily to purchase items for potions, materials and more players can also use it to enhance their own gear and invite heroes to join the party. It is such a common resource called can be earned in many different locations and killing world bosses, Gold casting, ruin explorations and fighting in the battle arena among other places.

Some key currency resources are earned in specific locations such as Hell coins which are dropped from the Demons within the Hell Gate and traded for powerful items and Mount shards; fragments of the brave steeds that died during battle and have been traps ever since in Hell. Similarly Ghost Tears Are Earned in Air Battles through the Hunting System to improve abilities, Souls can be gained from those souls who died on just like and still roam the earth unable to find peace, located when cleaning out general and elite dungeons and spent on the WindGlory Soulstone System to activate skills.

Players can also gain bonuses through PVP such as Medals that can be earned in multi-Arena 2v2 or 3v3 PVP matches and exchanged for gear in the arena shop, or players can earn Merits from typical battles and the higher then merit the more skills they can learn in the Scholar’s Book.


The team arena is a feature that is accessible from level 17, here players are able to form up teams with either one or two other players to fight in 2v2 or 3v3 battles. Other than fighting for pride and bragging rights players will also earn Medals that can be exchanged for items in the Arena Shop, the winning team will gain three Medals and the losing team gain one. All players start at the bottom of the arena board and must fight to work their way up to the top, players will earn ranking and prestige by fighting and the higher your title the better quality items you can access in the Arena Shop.


players are able to band together and create their own Guilds within the game, accessible once a player reaches level 8, these Guilds will be able to work together to attain exclusive Guild rewards by performing different types of guild activities such as Guild Battles.


Web Browser


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