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In War Commander players are the commanders of their own army and are responsible for the construction and managing of their own military base, from which they will launch various attacks on the AI rogue factions as well as players from across the world in competitive real-time combat. The game is free to play and accessible through web browsers without the need of a client download.


  • Train up a huge army

  • Gather resources to build up your military base

  • Fight against the enemy AI faction or compete against rival players

  • Complete missions and special events for extra rewards

  • Work your way up the rankings

  • Completely free to play game

  • Browser-based


At the core of War Commander’s gameplay is a very PVP orientated strategy MMO, players competing against each other directly through combat or simply by trying to perform better than other players by increasing their rank and taking out enemy AI before their rivals have a chance. Players will level up, unlock new units and buildings, gathering resources through various means and slowly become more powerful force. Towards the end game players typically focus on the PVP combat aspect, trying to eliminate their rivals were possible and form together with other players to make alliances.


Practically everything the player will want to do in game, particularly constructing buildings or training military units, will require resources in the form of metal and oil. Resources can be gathered through construction of buildings in your base, by completing various quests and challenges, looting them from other players or enemy AI. There is a third resource available for use later in the game called Thorium that is typically needed for upgrading advanced units and structures in is extremely hard to get hold of making it very valuable.


To advance in the game players must build up their own base from the various available buildings and defences, each of which takes in game time and resources to construct meaning savvy commanders must prioritise their build order. Buildings come in all shapes and sizes, each having a main basic version that can be upgraded over time, which costs resources and requires the player to upgrade their Command Center (upgrading this building unlocks new upgraded versions of all other buildings). Building upgrades typically reduce the speed of production, increase capacity and unlock new units and options depending on the building the type.


Players are able to form platoons to engage in warfare against the AI and other players, these tactical groups are made up from the various units that players are able to build or train, from the infantry units to vehicle unit types. Each platoon has a maximum capacity, with each unit having its own value that will fill this capacity up i.e. a more powerful unit may take up more space in a platoon of lots of smaller units. Due to this commanders must give much thought to the best types of units to work together in a platoon.

Each unit can be assigned to 4 different squads, which is useful for deploying only part of the platoon to combine these squads from various platoons, essentially making a new platoon on the fly. Different combinations of units and squads are useful for different situations this, be that defending the base or attacking enemy AI.


during the game players will gain access to numerous missions, typically geared around attacking the enemy AI or building specific units and constructions, in turn players are rewarded with resources, XP and occasionally basic units depending on the mission. From time to time, typically once a month, there are specially organised events that focus around attacking the AI or defending your base from them, during these events players earn event XP, which can be used to separate from normal XP to purchase special event units and buildings that can only be acquired during the events and so encouraging players to be actively involved.


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  1. Anonymous November 7, 2014 at 9:51 PM -

    War Commander used to be great, but recent updates has made it a boatload of cr@p. It’s now buggy, glitchy, and virtually impossible for newcomers. NOT RECOMMENDED.

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