Venetians: Merchant’s Dynasty

Genre: Free to play trade strategy MMO
Platform: Web Browser
Developer: Game Laboratories


In Venetians: Merchant’s Dynasty ‘s players are able to embark on a high seas adventure as they expand their trade networks in this economic strategy MMO set in the age of Marco Polo. This browser-based MMO as beautifully rendered Flash based graphics that perfectly accentuate the glittering Mediterranean seaports that you will visit on your journey.

Travel the ocean visiting the flourishing trade cities that come alive with architecture and culture as you use trade and diplomacy to work your way up through society and create your own legacy.

Key Features

-          Building and business simulator MMO set during the 15th century at the time of the legendary Marco Polo

-          Wonderfully designed seaports to visit and explore

-          Travel the many trade and shipping routes of the Mediterranean and discover new ones for yourself

-          An in-depth society feature focusing upon the upbringing of your children and the legacy you pass on to the next generation

-          A variety of specialisations and professions

-          Enhance your influence and prestige through diplomacy

-          Battle against fierce Pirates seeking your riches for themselves

-          Social features that allow players to work together including forming guilds, trading and chatting


Players are able to establish their own city, involved in the decision-making for improving and expanding it to make it a bustling hope of trade and improving the standard of living for your populous. Use your influence and prestige to cater to the whims of your populous, ensuring that businesses thrive and your people are kept happy.

Travel from beyond your city walls and build up your own fleet to trade further afield with new cultures, but keep an eye to the horizon as the sea is no place for the foolish and the week. He who dares wins and only those willing to take the greatest risks can ever hope to earn the greatest rewards.


The player’s character will generally last around six months until they pass away, however those players that have planned ahead can continue their legacy by passing on their business and titles to their children that will inherit the running and continuation of your dynasty.


team up with allies and friends to form your own Guild and immerse yourself in the complex system that allows greater teamwork for working on larger projects and reaching goals faster.

 Updated Weekly

With a constant stream of weekly updates new features, temporary promotions and fun activities are added to the game to keep it fresh and readily offer up something new for those all the players.

 System Requirement

Web Browser





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