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Travians is a browser based free-to-play  strategy game that puts the player in the role of a citizen from ancient times. With a strong emphasis on adventure and exciting challenges players will get to explore the game world, create friends, allies and ultimately fight against other players.

Away from the battlefield the player manages the everyday life of the common peasantry, producing material resources and processing them and also pick up a unique trade; clay-digger, woodcutter, farmer, carpenter, miller or blacksmith, giving players a number of options to choose from.


-       Unique Online Game: Combines classic adventure, story-driven content and customizable environments

-       Family Secret: Solve riddles and unlock the history of your family

-       Housing: Expand and decorate your own abode where you will bathe, meet friends and sleep

-       Endless: Fight against other players in the arena, or play minigames to increase attributes and buy items


When a letter from a long lost uncle arrives speaking of an inheritance the player is drawn into a deep story regarding a family curse that ages family members; only by unlocking the riddle of the curse and its secrets can you hope to end it. Take to the vast countryside with an unlikely friendly pig as your companion and delve into the world of Travians.


Travians is the ideal social game for players who like to chat, build and interact with other players cooperatively. You can trade in the market square with your neighbours, play games and the village inn, have competitions of strength against other players in arenas, and follow the main story-arc that the game offers about your family. Build and develop not just your home and surroundings, you can also advance your character level and learn new skills and specializations as you fight and play with your fellow gamer.

Travians has been recommended as educational material by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) because of its community building structure, social elements and its high level of strategy as well as its in depth gameplay.


All objects within the game can be earned without spending a penny, however, for those players who wish to pay for premium functions to get ahead and speed their progress, then there are is a premium option available to make your race to being the best in the Travians community that much quicker.


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