Travian Kingdoms

Travian Kingdoms


GENRE: Free to play MMO Strategy
PLATFORM: Web Browser & Android/iOS Mobile Devices
DEVELOPER: Travian Games


Travian Kingdoms puts players in the role of ruler of a small village in part of a much greater kingdom where Robbers and rivals look to conquer their territory and steal their resources. In response players must establish, grade and defend their village and expanded territories against these threats whilst building up their own army and taking the fight directly to their enemies. This exciting MMO strategy requires planning, preparation and long term tactical thinking where players will be tested on their ability to not only fight but use diplomacy to gain powerful allies. Accessible through your preferred web browser or playable on the go through mobile app, the game is free to play with optional Premium purchased content.

* Over the course of the summer 2015, Android and iOS versions will be released.


Choose From Three Factions, Each With Their Own Unique Qualities
Build Up A Village From A Wide Variety Of Buildings
Manage Your Resources And Your Time Efficiently
Recruit And Train A Powerful Army
Engage In Pvp With Players From Across The World
Expand Your Borders And Claim New Territory
Create Powerful Alliances With Other Players
Browser-Based Gameplay With Mobile App Cross Platform
Free to play


At its core Travian Kingdoms is about acquiring and managing resources and managing your time efficiently, every action in the game typically requires using up one or more resources whether constructing buildings or training units, which will also take anything from minutes to hours to complete. Moreover troops sent out to attack other villages and outposts can also take minutes or hours to both reach their destination and then once again return, so players must be actively conscious about where they’re troops are and how long it make take to get them to return in the event of their own village being attacked.

For the duration of the game players will focus on fielding their own powerful army with the goal of expanding their territory and helping both their kingdom and their Alliance to dominate their opponents and reach the top of the world rankings. Unlike other strategy MMOs Travian Kingdoms has a definitive endgame where players work towards building a World Wonder; the first Alliance to build one will win the game and reset the world with a victory under their belt.


There are three available factions for players to choose from:

Romans – deadly in the hands of experienced players the Roman troops are typically the most powerful in the game but have a higher cost and longer training times to mitigate this and so must be used wisely

Teutons – the Teuton infantry are powerful and typically come in greater numbers due to their quick production time, making them an ideal for more aggressive minded players that love to wage war

Gauls - the most defensively focused faction the Gauls are a lot harder to take down, due to this they are perfect for new players that may not be as aggressive and so gives them more of a fighting chance against more experienced players


Players get to choose whether they wish to be a King or a Governor earlier in the game, those who play as a King are responsible for the military power of the kingdom and typically focus on its defence against other kingdoms and alliances. In contrast the Governors other players that helps support the kingdom as a whole, focusing more on economic power they will acquire goods to give to the King as tribute that will bolster the kingdom itself.


Players can battle for control of oasis that may spawn within or nearby their own kingdom, occupying it with troops will lay claim to it and those that have the most troops in the location will be declared its own and give up to 5 players extra bonuses to resource production.


Whilst players can be united by their Kingdom, or Kingdoms and Alliance, some players prefer to create their own Secret Society that is a covert organisation where only its members will know about its existence. Secret Societies can focus on Bright Secret Societies which are for protection or Dark Secret Societies to fight against villages, other players, kingdoms and even entire Alliances from the shadows without anyone knowing of their ultimate plans.


Web Browser


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